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In order for the public to stay safe here, we have implemented preventative measures aligned to guidelines from the Department of Health (DoH), National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Rapid Medical Lab Tents for Sale

Rapid Medical Lab Tents for Sale the biggest range of tents for medical emergencies, screening, quarantine and isolation. Made with the best quality materials, are fully customizable with fast delivery. It can be added all medical equipments in inner. No inner pole, Modular structure, easy and quick installtion, With entrance & exit freely. Handling and stocking solutions for hospital Contact us at +27 870562553 for a free quote!

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There are two main types of tents that work well for hospital tents. Clearspan tents are more tightly sealed than high peak tents. They also have no interior poles. The metal beams allow for easy installation of lighting, sprinkler systems and etc. Both clearspan tents and high peak tents are engineered to withstand high winds. The disadvantages of clearspan tents are that they take longer to install and they are more expensive to rent.

High peak tents are well-suited for emergency use because they can be installed very quickly with a minimum of labor. The fastest way to cover the most square footage is with a high peak tent. They are also more economical. The disadvantages of a high peak tent are they they are not quite as well sealed from wind and they have a few interior poles.